What would Pat Robertson say?

Goldman SucksLet’s take a quick look at recent legislative initiatives and the relationship of opposition-killing news events:

  • Health care reform – dead in the house and frozen in the senate until Anthem/Blue Cross announces billions in earnings along with huge policy price increases and the tea party takes the Kennedy senate seat.
  • Wall Street reform – seemingly dead in the Senate, then record-breaking Wall Street profits, revelations of sinister-sounding, but all too routine conflicts and manipulation, then Goldman Sachs was indicted.
  • Immigration reform – no one thought this could get a breath of political air during this partisan election season, then along comes Arizona’s xenophobic immigration law.
  • Energy bill – not a hope in hell for Senate action this year and, boom, BP/Transocean’s Gulf oil platform explodes, drill-baby-drill turns to spill-baby-spill and the oil-version of Katrina makes landfall.

Acts of god? A conspiracy of the non-working liberal press? Greed and hubris metastasizing naturally? Or, is Rahm, just that good?

6 thoughts on “What would Pat Robertson say?

  1. George Costanza

    liberals and end-timers have this in common: they see anything that’s bad for country as politically advantageous.

    1. Lee Leslie Post author

      Yeah, yeah, yeah. And conservatives see anything good that happens for the country as something that’s politically bad. Then there are some of us, who see something that is bad for the country as something that needs fixing.

    1. Monica Smith

      Man has an infinite capacity to blame someone else for the consequences of his acts. One response to the knowledge of good and evil is to substitute belief and deny that knowledge exists.

      1. Lee Leslie Post author

        I haven’t told you in a while, gee whiz, Monica, you are really smart. Thank you for reminding me to expect more of myself and my fellow person.


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