To my Republican friends:

I apologize. I had no idea.

I didn’t know what you did. All these years when I said with complete and utter disdain, “I don’t watch Fox,” I didn’t know that if I had, I might well have known what you knew to be true. Things that I knew to be “facts” you knew to be “theory” or worse. What a world? Seems nuts. I’m sorry. I repent starting now.

Learning that I’ve had my blinders on all this time has taught me a hard lesson. The fact that I didn’t read Drudge, couldn’t listen to Peggy Noonan* and wanted Karl Rove in jail, kept me from hearing the drone of truth that you knew. No balance at all. Certainly unfair.

The whole time I was reading newspapers, listening to the mainstream media and going from one site or book to another. Often “fact” checking. I was missing what you knew all along. Now it feels a bit like how a diabetic must have felt when they didn’t have sugarfree Kool-Aid at the last Jim Jones meeting.

Or how a North Korean must feel when a western newspaper blows across the DMZ. Or a child catching Santa. Or someone always home schooled. Stuff taken for granted turns out to be total unmitigated crap. I know. That must still sound like heresy, if there is such a thing. What is one to believe when everything they have known and trust now seems upside down?

So how was it that I came to see the light? A friend sent me a link to a story in, well, a “lamestream” site, the Atlantic. I naively just clicked the link and started reading. My jaw dropped. Saliva drooled from my mouth forming a wet spot that I didn’t even notice until I got up and… well, that’s another story. My point is that it never once occurred to me that you guys made a channel decision years ago for whatever reason and, well, let me just quote from the story:

Tuesday’s result was, for them, an unpleasant surprise. So many on the right had predicted a Mitt Romney victory, or even a blowout — Dick Morris, George Will, and Michael Barone all predicted the GOP would break 300 electoral votes. Joe Scarborough scoffed at the notion that the election was anything other than a toss-up. Peggy Noonan insisted that those predicting an Obama victory were ignoring the world around them. Even Karl Rove, supposed political genius, missed the bulls-eye. These voices drove the coverage on Fox News, talk radio, the Drudge Report, and conservative blogs.

Those audiences were misinformed.

Outside the conservative media, the narrative was completely different.


How many hours of Glenn Beck conspiracy theories did Fox News broadcast to its viewers? How many hours of transparently mindless Sean Hannity content is still broadcast daily? Why don’t Americans trust Republicans on foreign policy as they once did? In part because conservatism hasn’t grappled with the foreign-policy failures of George W. Bush. A conspiracy of silence surrounds the subject. Romney could neither run on the man’s record nor repudiate it. The most damaging Romney gaffe of the campaign, where he talked about how the 47 percent of Americans who pay no income taxes are a lost cause for Republicans? Either he was unaware that many of those people are Republican voters, or was pandering to GOP donors who are misinformed. Either way, bad information within the conservative movement was to blame.

The point is, I was intolerant and I despise intolerance. Jon Stewart and others tried to warn me, but I wouldn’t listen. I just assumed that you were stubborn and incapable of accepting a different point of view. I realize that you must feel just awful to have been duped so and for so long. So foolish. Especially when you did so publicly. In front of everyone you know. All your friends and co-workers. Your family. Your children. And you were sooooo righteous. Often telling us loudly and with absolute hatred that we were complete Godless idiots before slamming the door and going back into your cult to plan the overthrow of the heretics. I just want to say that I will forgive you. I’ll be kind. There will be no required “Hunger Games” as a result. How can I help? Perhaps I could suggest a good book?



* I’d rather listen to fingernails on a blackboard or an endless loop of the best of Andy Williams than that woman’s voice. Makes me scream and pull my hair out. Aaaaaaaah! I’ll be alright. I just need some quiet.

13 thoughts on “To my Republican friends:

  1. susan korbel

    I have also had a hard time to figure out how to console those Red people living in an alternate universe. Here’s what a local Texas mayor (in a Republican city) wrote to his Facebook friends: “Some people are inclined to look for the
    worst. I am inclined to look for the best. We can complain and moan or
    we can work and move forward. I want all of my friends to stop and
    feel the moment. Those who are scared….try not to be. Things will be
    fine…” They are frightened, buying out gun stores, and tearing their hair out. How did this happen? They were listening to their own echo chamber.

    1. hannah

      The strange thing is that they see themselves in others, but they don’t recognize themselves. It’s sort of like Narcissus not recognizing his own reflection. Perhaps it’s a kind of face-blindness or person-blindness that’s more widespread than we know.
      In any case, not seeing right must be really discombobulating.
      We can be sympathetic. But, being insecure is not an excuse for being nasty. Willard and Ann are a nasty pair.

  2. Trevor Irvin

    Lee, you
    wonderful socialist, commie, bastard you!

    A very fine piece to say the least. You sum up “all the dumbass” in an oh-so-graceful kind of way.

    I too, hope all the conservatives, rightwingers, tea baggers and the delusional libertarians nutbags will see the light and think twice about “legitimately raping” anyone because “god intends it.”

    And maybe, just maybe, Arkansas Republican Rep. Jon Hubbard, the genius who brought us “maybe slavery was a blessing in disguise” for blacks, will realize that he is an absolute moron and have himself self-castrated and self-deported as not to further the decline of Americas gene pool.

    I did learn two things from this election cycle:
    1) How to tie a dog to the top of a car.
    2) How difficult it was for a college student from a family of multi-millionaires to live off a trust fund during college. But Mitt and Ann showed us how. They demonstrated, though very difficult, how one can scrape by, living off a huge pile of money you yourself didn’t earn so you don’t have to dirty your hands working nights, tossing pizza dough around for four years. We should all be grateful for that lesson of self-reliant sacrifice.

    I hope someday the right will learn to love us hateful, do-nothing, democracy crushing, socialist, godless, commie 47 percent’rs. But, in the meantime, … In the spirit of bipartisanship and coming together I make the following statement to all within the conservative movement…

    Bow down before yo new Democratic overlords, bitchez!

    Sometimes, small and petty just feels so right …


  3. lynn everitt

    the truth is that most of us think both sides are haters vent on distruction, your words just shows how hatefilled you really are……………………no solutions, no record of sucess/but kicked the pain down the road for our children to suffer………….yeah you guys have all the answers and truth on your side.
    Truth is President Obama made alot of promises for things we can’t pay for and he won. Nothing to celebrate.

    1. Lee Leslie

      I beg to differ, a minority on both sides may be “haters vent on destruction”, but by far, most of us are not. I regret that the words I wrote seemed hate filled to you, they were not written that way. I wrote this story because I believe some who watch Fox, listen to hate radio and limit their exposure to other points of few have systematically been brainwashed over a period of 20 years -- they were surprised that their reality was shaken by actual events. I welcome them back to a search for truth and balance where neither party is always right nor wrong; where fact is not faith-based nor myth sustained by innuendo; where America is beautiful, but not perfect; and so much more. There is plenty to celebrated: we voted. We all voted. Solving our problems is not a one party exercise and no longer even a one country exercise. Thank you for your opinion.

      1. Jon Sinton

        Lynn, the actual truth is a coalition of young people, minorities and educated women responded to the only poll that matters, and President Obama was re-elected. My experience says that people on the left like Rachel Maddow are fact-based, and are not haters. Further, my personal experience as a guest on O’Reilly and Hannity is that neither is fact-based and both are haters. (Google their treatment of me, and compare it to the way Rachel treats her Republican guests.) As for “kicking the can down the road,” first, this fiscal “crisis” is a trumped up affair that the right has used as a scare tactic. There are virtually no mainstream economists who think the deficit is an emergency. Second, the president has consistently reached out to Congress and the Republicans in the Senate, only to be rebuffed, but the right wing media portrays it as the other way around. Clearly, the majority of voters--not a plurality, but a majority--know the truth and voted their heads and hearts. He is not perfect. I for one wish he had spent more time rebuking the right wing pundits and telling the story better. Nonetheless, he is our president and it is time to show support. Senate Leader McConnell went out of his way four years ago to say his primary goal was to make sure Obama was a one term president. That was unhelpful, as was Rush Limbuagh’s declaration that he hoped Obama failed. The times, they are a’changin’.

        1. hannah

          The motivation of the deprivators is hard to fathom. I think many are driven by envy and envy grows out of frustrated admiration and the desire to emulate. When attraction fails to attain its desire, it often turns to jealousy and hate. If the deprivators can’t have what they want to achieve, nobody else should have it either. It’s probably why Cain killed Abel. Frustrated instinct destroys.

    2. hannah

      Don’t worry about the money. That there is not enough is a Congressional hoax. Any country that issues its own currency can issue as much as it wants/needs. Moreover, what’s being recorded as a national debt is actually owed to us. As long as we are honorable and meet our commitments, the debts are not a problem.
      People who fear being obligated to anyone because they fear not being able to measure up are petrified by debt. But, it’s an irrational response. We are not a country that expect miracles from people who can’t perform. So, relax. The children will be OK.

      1. lynn everitt

        So why does the President want to raise taxes on those hateful rich folks? ……….just print more money and don’t tax anyone for anything……………..ask Germany how that worked out for them…………….oh I forgot we are not to save for ourselves but rely on government to offer measly welfare checks and be totally dependent. Now thats honorable way to treat people who can’t perform accourding to government standards set by folks like you.

        1. Lee Leslie

          Lynn, it may take you a while to accept the truth. The first step is to turn off fox news and talk radio.

          Our President wants our budget balanced and our deficit paid -- to do that, we need a mix of revenue increases and program cuts -- cuts alone won’t do it. He wants to go back to level under Clinton when we had wider prosperity, but leave the Bush era cuts and the his payroll tax cut left for those who earn $250,000 a year or less (96-98% of us).

          As for the “just print more money” -- printing money isn’t used to pay government bills, our government must borrow to finance its expenses -- the Federal Reserve has been buying some of the debt recently, but that must be paid back.

          As for the “welfare checks” -- the last time I saw a number, fewer than 10,000 people (women with children who among other requirements, must be looking for work and the checks only last a few months) get welfare in Georgia -- welfare checks are a myth.

          You are going to feel better soon. Buy yourself a newspaper, it will help.

          Thanks for stopping by.

  4. eleanor ringel cater

    The art accompanying the article was as captivating as the prose. Does LIKE THE DEW offer framed copies? Christmas is coming and….


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