Rebels Without a Clue

Rebels Without A ClueThe political equivalent of testosterone has the potential of doing something that bullets, bombs, ordinary corruption, conspiracies and daylight failed to do for over 300 years.

Maybe that’s over the top – we’ll see. But the dumbed down, “grass roots” electorate who voted and gave a path to power to weak minded new politicians and reelected old politicians who saw the light of promised, simple solutions to complicated problems, have us – all of us – in a game of chicken over the debt limit that should never have been played.

Those aware, should remember the game of chicken from Rebel Without a Cause. Two testosterone laced teenagers drive toward a cliff with a plan to jump out of the cars they do not own at the last possible moment. The one who jumps first is the chicken. Life to this point was irrelevant. Only the dare was important. The game didn’t have to happen until they decided that it did and then it had to. Only one could win, both could die, but both could survive. In the movie, Buzz, played by Corey Allen, caught his sleeve in the door handle, couldn’t jump out and the car and Buzz go off the cliff into the ocean.

In my metaphor, the Republicans have caught their promise not to raise taxes in the door of their car. Obama has caught the sleeve of revenue vs. fairness in his. Our cliffhanger is only ten days from the edge and it looks as if they are both going off the cliff and taking us with them. Our only hope is they will hit the brakes and save us all. Chicken is not the worst outcome. Going off the cliff is.

Note: this story has been updated to correct a plot error caught by an alert Dew reader.

6 thoughts on “Rebels Without a Clue

  1. Billy Howard

    Nicely done Lee, perfect metaphor for these high school hi-jinks by chest puffing narcissists unable to do their real job because they neither have the intelligence, fortitude nor maturity for the job.

  2. abstract oyster

    Swimmingly spot on, Mr. Leslie.

    Lee, What about a Homeland Security no-fly list for potential hostage takers?

    Wasn’t Ted Kenedy put on this list by Baby Bush? Wait, my bad, Dick Cheney’s secretary dunnit. Or was it Lon Chaney? With makeup on it’s hard to tell the difference.

    Wait, WWJD?

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder victims deserve immunity (forgiveness). Exposure to terrorist tactics for ten years has apparently caused “manic envy ” in front-line legislative “soldiers”. ( i wanna do it too, i wanna do it too, i wanna doit too! Why can’t we take hostages why can’t …”)

    Introduce a bill in the House or Senate providing for immunity for those suffering terrorist envy. Include a rider for free drugs to help calm those in comatose overdose (of tea). All that’s necessary to remove those threatening harm to “self or others” (or rumored to be) is two signatures from co-workers or just one well meaning family member.

    1. Lee Leslie Post author

      Austin: Perceptive and a lot of great ideas there.
      WWJD? Just guessing, What Would Jim (DeMint) Do? He’s already weighed in. DeMint wants whatever will give him more TV time and a better chance at a number two (just a coincidence, that number two also refers to a bathroom function) on the Republican ticket. Heretofore, he doesn’t vote for solutions, he only votes to impress Jodie Foster.

  3. Monica Smith

    My thought of the morning is that our conservative legislators are tools that only work when they’re plugged into the correct power source — a chief executive with whom they agree. Which is not to say that the American people would be better served if that were the case. Even with the right power source some tools are too corroded to work. If we don’t throw them out, whose fault is that?
    Clueless rebels and corroded tools. Maybe we should run a contest to see how many more metaphors we can come up with. Surely one will resonate with the voters.
    Btw, the debt ceiling is an artifice by people who demand an allowance from daddy ’cause managing money is beyond their competence.

    1. Lee Leslie Post author

      Monica -- I suppose you are right, though I’m unconvinced that it will ever work well when there is such huge disagreement as to the purpose of government and a willingness of both sides to allow adequately funded and competent government. It seems to me that fairness, on both sides, has been gamed for so long that correcting the problems cannot be resolved without the dominate power source you allude to, which could make dramatic changes. Were our leaders representing all of the people, or all of the people in their districts, or even just themselves, rather than the corrupt financiers of their campaigns, we might have a better shot. I suggest the calling of a new Constitutional Convention and require all who attend to ride to Philadelphia on horseback.
      As for the contest of metaphors, I invite them here in comments. I almost apologized for my use, but wanted so desperately to use the photo of John as James.


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