War At Home

DomesticViolenceMonthAccording to a 2006 CDC study, one in four women experience domestic violence in their lifetime. 
If you, or someone you know is being intimidated, threatened, shoved, slapped,  or hit, then you might recognize this behavior as domestic violence. Less overtly recognizable domestic violence behaviors include: forced sex, financial control, isolation, and emotional abuse. Help is available. In Metro Atlanta, Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV) operates a confidential 24-hour crisis line (Fulton: 404-873-1766/Gwinnett:770-963-9799), or  call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). Help is available to callers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hotline advocates are available for victims and anyone calling on their behalf to provide crisis intervention, safety planning, information and referrals to agencies in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Assistance is available in English and Spanish with access to more than 170 languages through interpreter services.

October is  Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This is a short film created for Atlanta-based Partnership Against Domestic Violence by Kilgannon.


Click here for an extensive list of Violence Against Women Organizations developed by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence.

2 thoughts on “War At Home

  1. ariel harris

    lee, thank you , thank you, thank you! i am heartened by your courage as a man to put this out there. domestic abuse is a silent, miserable, traumatic powerlessness . when it happens there is little support and no one wants to believe you. everyone deserves to be heard and to be safe.
    having your own personal terrorist leaves the woman in a place that is untenable.
    teaching must begin at early childhood, with respect and non violence. domestic violence is unacceptable on any terms.
    may boys and men learn that loving does not include physical harm. who will be the teachers here?

  2. Lee Leslie Post author

    You give me too much credit. As I was preparing this, I reviewed many possible videos. Many were so graphic, intense and horribly real, that I didn’t have the courage to post. I encourage readers to go to youtube.com, search domestic violence and view these to better understand what is really going on. Domestic abuse is not just the violence, it is also about control, manipulation and virtual imprisonment. It is also common. My heart goes out. There are no excuses. There should be no second chances. I am so thankful for organizations like PADV and their volunteers.


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