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Map of Osama bin Laden's compound via Google mapsTechCrunch.com has reported that Google maps has been updated to show Osama bin Laden’s Compound in Abbottābad, Pakistan.

The New York Daily News reported that Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler were both declared dead on May 1st.

The Daily Beast reported Osama bin Laden’s death marked the 8th anniversary of Bush’s famous “Mission Accomplished” aircraft carrier speech.

The Daily Mail reports that Obama’s announcement knocked Celebrity Apprentice off the air.

The AJC reported a tweeter from @binladen that tweeted at 1am, “I’m not dead, just a little busy at the moment.”

The disposal of Osama bin Laden was, in a couple of important ways, a Southern thing.  The troops who killed him were members of Navy SEAL Team Six, based at Dam Neck, Va. Bin Laden was buried at sea from aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, named for the late Georgia congressman who chaired the House Armed Services Committee.

Fox 5 in Washington, DC reported that “President Obama, speaking from the East Room of the White House, telling the nation and the world that President Obama is in fact dead.” While Fox News’ web site ran the headline, “”Usama Bin Landen Dead Fox News Confrims.”

OpposingViews.com reported, “Fox News actually gave the president credit. I know, scary stuff. The anti-Obama network used words like “historic” and a “very great success,” which has my head spinning.  You know, maybe the Fox spinmeisters didn’t show up to work on Sunday — maybe they’ll arrive at work on Monday morning and say, “Wait a second, we gave Obama an ounce of credit?! Who authorized that?”

More from the tweetisphere via StreetBonersAndTVCarnage.com reporting :

Screenshot of tweets by @jessecannon

Screenshot from tweets by @croninwhocaresScreenshot from tweets by @kdn13Screenshot from tweets by @robhuebelScreenshot from tweets by @TheThomasonScreenshot from tweets by @NtrnetConfuciousScreenshot from tweets by @OsamaInHellScreenshot from tweets by @bobpowers1

And then coming via Buzzfeed.com reports there were the tweets from @ReallyVirtual (a Pakistani IT professional – click here for his blog) in real time as the attack took place:

Screenshot of ReallyVirtual's tweetsReaders are invited to add more as comments.

2 thoughts on “Osoma the stranger Osama reports

  1. Monica Smith

    Our elder son reported that he’d gotten his birthday back from “Mission Accomplished.” Somehow, he never appreciated May Day, unlike his mother, who’s always found it helpful that one son was born on May Day and the other on Bastille Day.

  2. Billy Howard

    I knew I could count on you to do the due diligence, or in this case, the dew diligence, on this historic event and mine the media for just the right tidbits of intelligence, or in some cases, lack thereof.


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