Mission Accomplished

Mission-Accomplished-Obama_in-AtlantaATLANTA — Today, President Obama announced to the National Convention of Disabled Veterans of America that he is keeping one of his campaign promises – America’s longest war will be unofficially* over on August 31, 2010. Twenty years and eight months since our Middle East invasion. More than 4,000 American lives have been lost and 30,000+ wounded or disabled. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians lost or maimed and millions more have been displaced or are refugees. An estimated five million orphaned children. Two failed Bush presidencies. Well more than a trillion dollars of treasury spent so far. No WMDs found. Thousands tortured. Untold damage to American foreign policy. One American-installed dictator hung. Oil prices back to record highs. Halliburton stock price has more than doubled. Pentagon, CIA and NSA spending above cold war highs. Record combat deaths this month in Afghanistan. Osama still has not been hunted down. The world much more dangerous than when it started. It is finally over.

Speaking for all Americans not currently running for office as a Republican**, I am relieved that our heroes can finally come home. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We will never forget what you have done for us and your families have endured. We will try to keep our politicians from forgetting you.


*50,000 American soldiers and, perhaps, twice that number of American private contractors will remain in one of the top two most dangerous places on the planet in “non-combat” roles until the end of 2011. The war won’t ever be officially  be over because Congress never officially declared it. They can only stop paying for it or promising for us to pay for it.

**Georgia Democratic goobernatorial candidate I-want-an-immigration-law-like-Arizona Roy Barnes, was MIA during the Obama’s visit, claiming, according the the AJC’s Jim Gallaway, “I told him that I already had a date planned.”

2 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. Randy Conway

    What if, in 2002, we had known where all this was headed? Eight years (and counting), a trillion dollars, tens of thousands of American lives ruined in one way or another, millions of Iraqi victims, erosion of U.S. influence and credibility world wide, and Halliburton further enriched. Would George W. and Congress have made the same decision? Maybe so.

    1. Lee Leslie Post author

      My guess? If you believe the hindsight speeches of most of the Dems in Congress who voted for the action, probably not -- but what tragic blood sport it would have been to watch what Rove & Company would have done to them. Based on Brit reports, George was going to war with or without Congress and it probably wouldn’t have changed much. Cheney, on the other hand, with the benefit of hindsight, would have read the failure of his plan to incrementally invade all of the middle east and gone ahead with at least the invasion of Iraq. I suspect nukes would have been involved. Now that I think about it, hindsight may have made it worse.


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