Last Minute Gifting

On behalf of 46 million Americans without health insurance, 56 million Americans pre-existing conditions, and all of us who are terrified we’ll join the others, I’d just like to say, “thank you.” I know you shopped hard, had to make difficult choices on size and features, and probably spent way too much, but I just love you for thinking of me. I got a little something for you, too – my vote.

Health Care Bill Passes

10 thoughts on “Last Minute Gifting

  1. Jim Smith

    A sturdy and substantial gift that, like a lawnmower or a chainsaw, will require maintenance and repair. But Worth It.

    Wish I could promise a vote but I live in the 6th District of Georgia and all my guys are naysayers. Carbon sequestration for them.

  2. Farmer Dave

    All of you know this Senate bill is a pig and it will not fly. It passed but it is fatally flawed. In the Democrat leadership’s desperation to pass something/anything, they have bribed Senators with taxpayer money to get their vote. If this had been done by any private concern not only would they be arrested on bribery charges but the Senator that was paid would be arrested also.

    1)Senator Nelson of Nebraska received an exemption for his state from the mandated Medicaid expansion. Senator Sanders of Vermont received $600,000,000. 00 Federal dollars to help his state fund the Medicaid expansion. This has enraged those in the other states that have to fund the new mandates by themselves and lawsuits will be filled and carried to the Supreme Court. The Federal Govenment will not be allowed to favor some states over others.

    2)Senator Nelson has received an exemption for insurance giant Mutual of Omaha from the new taxes that will be imposed on all of the other insurance companies. This on it’s face is a violation of federal anti-trust laws. This gives Mutual of Omaha an unlawful advantage over it’s competitors. All of the other insurance companies will file a class action lawsuit, take it to the Supreme Court and prevail.

    These two fatal flaws alone will doom the Obama/Pelosi/Reid power grab attempt. I was amazed to see Reid not only saying this was compromise but he also said if any Senator didn’t get something special for his state then he/she wasn’t much of a Senator. So, step up to the taxpayer trough boys and girls and dig in -- Oink, Oink, Oink!

    If you are going to try to pull a fast one on somebody you have to do it on those that don’t have the money to sue all the way to the Supreme Court. The Democrats have not only angered the states who have Attorneys General and plenty of staff but they have also given the insurance industry the leverage they need. We all know that both of the entities have staying power.

    And I haven’t even touched on all of the problems inherent in the Pelosi house bill.

    Enjoy your celebrations now for no matter how much lipstick you put on this animal it is still a pig and it is dead on arrival.

  3. Lee Leslie Post author

    Deals with lawmakers to get their vote is a pretty routine way we corrupt the process. Frankly, I am deeply disappointed that our Southern Senators didn’t sell their votes for something that could help us. As for $600 million, don’t know where you got that figure -- I suppose it is an acceptable Fox News rounding error as $100 million is what the Congressional Budget Office reports will go to Nebraska over 10 years. Perhaps, you are thinking of Vermont ($600 million) or Massachusetts ($500 million). As for the Mutual of Omaha tax break worth $15-$20 million, it does seem unfair since all the other insurance companies in the US will have to use the tax breaks provided in the Blue Cross deal. As for pigs flying, keep your head down. The skies could get ugly.

  4. Farmer Dave

    Now we will have to wait to see what comes out of the conference. I know they are desperate to pass something. Normally you would see deals given to those across the isle for their vote but this bill was so bad they had to bribe members of their own party. I don’t see how they will come up with a compromise bill that pleases them all. I would hold my breath but I can’t last that long.

  5. Brenden

    The Senate bill is the greatest political fraud witnessed in a generation, possibly two, possibly 100. It is nothing but a loose confederation of bribes. It is an utter fraud, a warm stream of urine in the face of the American people. And you all recognize it as corruption, but you praise it — showing us your true nature.

    I hope the partiers keep bringing their tea bags and shiny bits of revolutionary Constitutional Americana to remind our leaders that they can indeed go too far. And there may be consequences.


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