If we love it, we must set enterprise free

cropped_1063237Every parent knows what I’m talking about. That moment after the moment when your toddler lets go of your hand. Or you let go of the bike. Or you don’t run to the rescue when you hear the crash. Or they go under water for the first time. Or you don’t say, “did you remember to do your homework?”

Sure, there’s fear. But don’t let them see yours. Self-reliance. The most critical step in development. The proud moment. The most natural of all coming-of-age’s moments. It is repeated billions of times each day by nature’s parents. Baby birds take wing. Tiny seals slides down the ice and disappear into the water. And humans hand their teenagers the car keys.

We are all amateurs in this – and so codependent. Letting go only to grab on again because we fear the fall. Running to rescue.  Comfort before tears. Galoshes at the chance of rain. And in each of these moments, we teach our fear. We teach the limits. We stunt development. We give extra points for security in the poker game with reward. We deny the very experience that must be learned. Repeat this long enough and they will never be healthy on their own. Inevitably, they will end up as wards of the state.

I am not without empathy, but I am running short on sympathy. I have just heard too many excuses for why they can’t hack it. How it is unfair for them to compete with others when life has been so unfair to them. I have let them puke their self-absorbed fantasies in front of me too often. Heard the wretch of their indulgent rationalizations of why they can’t develop methods to cope.

I’m writing, of course, about big, entrenched, widely-held-on-Wall-Street, K-Street-represented, American businesses. The companies too big to fail and the industries too important not to be given transfusions of money, tax-breaks, incentives, regulations and/or de-regulation. What we did for textiles, steel and cars, surely, we can do for them. Screw the people who will have to work their asses off for their entire miserable lives by scraping the bottom of the barrel for basic needs while tithing taxes and being priced-gouged in order for these companies to live in luxury, worry-free.

On the other hand, maybe big business does deserve a break. They are, after all, a bunch of bastards and had no role models to teach them right and wrong, honest work for honest pay, or healthy self-reliance.

4 thoughts on “If we love it, we must set enterprise free

  1. Cliff Green

    I love it when the right-wingers pontificate on the virtues of free enterprise and argue that unregulated, unfettered markets can solve all the world’s problems, then come come running to the government for help at the first sign of trouble. As a taxpayer, I say, “Screw ’em all.”

  2. austinmcmurria

    Excellent point, citizen. And since you pointed out (in a previous article) that government subsidizes the majority share of health care costs anyway , why not stop all governmental subsidy to the health care industry until they put a plan for reform on the table themselves?
    Health Care has long been the over-slopped corporate welfare recipient whose subsidized profits overpay their top-heavy (government trained) staff -- while their lobbyists post anti-socialist banners from the tax trough.

  3. Adam

    The GOP has mastered the art of pulling the wool over the hard working American by pulling him/her into the fold on hot button social issues (abortion, immigration reform, gay marriage, war on drugs,etc) while advancing economic policy that damns them to hell. Republicans in recent history have had no qualms about using public money to “foster”, dare I say “fabricate” , economic growth. At least the Democrats are unabashed about the intent to have large government programs to look out for those who are too stupid and/or complacent to do for their own. The Republicans are disingenuous liars in pretending to want less government when what they really want is less interference in the areas of business that directly benefit their cronies
    and special interests.
    I will raise my glass to the toast: “Screw ’em all.”


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