Hurricane Bill & Obama

Hurricane Bill I have been worried all week about President Obama and his family choosing Martha’s Vineyard for their vacation while Hurricane Bill (aka: Tropical Storm Bill) was in the Atlantic. Talk about political risk. Just imagine the photos of the first family being evacuated while the island’s commoners were forced to wait in line for the ferry as the storm was approaching. They’d be shown side-by-side with photos of other Massachusetts’ politicos – Kerry surfing; Kennedy at Chappaquiddick; and Dukakis in the tank.

Just imagine the Weather Channel’s interviews with island folk who dismiss the Cat 2 storm as something they’d been through dozens of times, and how they love to watch others turn tail and run. Imagine the firestorm as pundits exclaim what a wimp Obama is, and how the nation’s enemies would be emboldened. Imagine the comparisons with other presidents who vacationed during a Hurricane – Bush and Katrina would be replayed over and over, finally displacing the grim news repeats covering Michael Jackson’s death.

Fortunately, the storm has veered right and the storm warnings for Massachusetts have been lifted. Too early to tell if this president, who has been compared to the Messiah, and the Anti-Christ had direct involvement – but he did choose to delay their travel until they were cleared by the weather service.

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