Giving God the benefit of the doubt

god2-sistine_chapelr Taking on faith that God is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. And that His or Her perfection and mercy are beyond our understanding, it seems like it might be a good idea these days to take a look at some trends that might just indicate His or Her current favorites and those that seem to be on a list for some form of punishment for Whatever reason. All time Favorites

  1. Tyrants, monarchs and unelected leaders.
  2. Oil companies.
  3. Utility companies.
  4. Pharmaceutical companies.
  5. Munitions companies.
  6. Political incumbents.
  7. Lobbyists and pundits.
  8. Highway construction companies.
  9. Factory farms and food commodity conglomerates.
  10. Junk food companies.
  11. Cable TV companies.
  12. Health care workers.
  13. Hollywood.
  14. Organized religion.
  15. The prison industry.

New to the Favorites List

  1. Barack Obama.
  2. Federal employees.
  3. Hybrid and alternative fuel cars.
  4. Health care researchers.
  5. Scientists.
  6. Apple Computer.
  7. Collection companies.
  8. Bankruptcy attorneys.
  9. Pawn brokers and pay check lenders.
  10. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Up and coming

  1. Alternative energy companies.
  2. Pirates.
  3. Auditors.
  4. White collar crime investigators.

All time Non-Favorites

  1. The poor, the aged and the infirmed.
  2. Under- and uneducated.
  3. Unemployed.
  4. The addicted.
  5. Anyone in a single parent household.
  6. People exposed to toxic chemicals.
  7. People without clean water, food or shelter.
  8. People without access to basic health care.
  9. Anyone living in Africa not currently head of an oil producing country.
  10. Anyone living in Central or South America not engaged in the drug trafficking.
  11. Most everyone in Asia or SE Asia not working for American call centers.
  12. Anyone living in Eastern Europe not involved in organized crime.
  13. Those most likely to vote Democrat.
  14. House painters.
  15. Poets.
  16. Municipal workers.
  17. Teachers.
  18. Union workers.
  19. Textile workers.
  20. Those living in trailers and temporary housing.

New to the Non-Favorites List

  1. Investors, home owners and pensioners.
  2. Republican Party.
  3. Wall Street, except for short traders.
  4. Employee recruiters.
  5. Commercial and residential real estate industries.
  6. Bankers.
  7. Attorneys.
  8. Microsoft.
  9. Ponzi-schemers.
  10. Recycling industry.
  11. Peanuts.
  12. Fishing industry.
  13. Airline industry.
  14. Hospitality industry.
  15. Trucking and non-oil shipping companies.
  16. Newspaper industry and most media companies.
  17. Publishing industry.
  18. Auto industry.
  19. Printing industry.
  20. Construction industry.
  21. Anyone self-employed.
  22. Middle classers who have not yet declared bankruptcy.

Down and Going

  1. Clean coal industry.
  2. Domestic cigarette industry.
  3. People who live near sea level.
  5. Well intended bloggers who use people’s sincere faith as a lead to provoke thought and discussion and include broad generalizations and labels to categorize groups without giving proper respect to the individual.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions, and, yes, it passes understanding that one can be on more than one list. Please share your comments and other trends that you have observed.

5 thoughts on “Giving God the benefit of the doubt

  1. Lee Leslie Post author

    With the news on swine flu, looks pig farmers, people who come into contact with pig farmers and people who come into contact with people who came into contact with pig farmers, needs to be added to the Non-Favorites List.

  2. Beth Post author

    Read your blog… not to get into a debate but let me say this… Give the Devil his DEW… You left evil totally out of your equation. God didn’t promise us a rose garden but the charge to help others and trust in His grace to save us from of this evil in the life to come if we believe. Not preaching just my opinion and belief.

  3. Lee Leslie Post author

    I deeply appreciate your comment. I sincerely attempted to present my feelings without insulting beliefs. I knew my list was far from complete and not without my honest bias. I would love you to contribute some of the things you think should be added -- and giving the devil his dew.
    My goal in the post was put something out there to provoke discussion -- really. We all deal with this seeming contradiction of omnibenviolence and evil in the world and it often seems the good have it tough while the bad have it good. It seem to me that recently some of the lists had changed and some of the bad that had it good were now having it tough.
    And, by the way, your opinion and beliefs are at least as important as mine and so hope you continue share them.


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