Be careful what you wish for

mosquitoThe drought is now officially over. With the return of normal rain patterns, Sonny’s prayers have been answered. Most of the lakes are full with the stumps covered and the docks floating. Our lawns are green and the sprinklers are back on automatic. We are free to flush. Hallelujah.

They’re baaaack. With all the wishing and hoping, you might have forgotten what had made our Southern nights so wonderful these last few years. You won’t for long. Close your screen doors. Grab your insect repellent. Light your citronella. Fire up your fogger. The dreaded state bird of all the deep South, Diptera: Culicidae (aka: mosquito) is laying eggs and sucking blood like we haven’t seen in years. Yes, be careful what you wish for. Mother Nature can be a bitch. Though she’s got a heck of sense of humor.

Click here to get your local mosquito forecast.

One thought on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. Meg Gerrish

    You don’t have low-flying aircraft to drop poison and kill the suckers, and maybe most anything else of a butterfly, ladybug, or other winged creature nature? Here in the Miami area, we do. Or at least, we did. Like you folks in Atlanta and surrounds, we enjoyed dramatic, prolonged relief from the mosquito hordes, but that’s over now. And with budget cutbacks, could be the planes may not fly anymore.

    I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.


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