Another long weekend

Your Sunday Dews on SaturdayAlert Dewsletter readers may have noticed their “Sunday Dews” arriving Saturday. Oops, my bad. Our automated email system failed overnight and a manual replacement version had to be created. As I hit the send button, I yelled out to my sleeping wife, “Your Sunday Dewsletter was just sent.” With her eyes still closed, she yelled back, “it’s Saturday.”

We have a bug in our email system that has caused subscribers to receive multiple Dewsletters the last two weekends. We thought we had it fixed. We’ll work it on it some more. No telling what’s going to happen on the real Sunday. Please bear with us.

4 thoughts on “Another long weekend

  1. Darby

    Some days technology is your best friend. Some days technology is the school yard bully. You guys do a great job and this reader appreciates your efforts.


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