We have a Dew T-shirt winner

Just Dew It T-ShirtAs required by the official LikeTheDew.com site survey contest rules, all valid entries were printed out and placed in grocery bag (better to reuse than recycle). Precisely at 5 PM yesterday (11/30/2009), the contents of the bag were shaken, tossed and shuffled vigorously. We had no drum roll – only the rustling sounds of the bag. A hush fell over the audience (both of us). The drama built. The blindfolded hand (easier to put a blindfold on a hand) reached into the bag and pulled a solitary winner now separated forever from all the others. We inspected the entry. A voice called out, “should we draw again or is Mike okay?”

Congratulations go to Mike Williams of Cocoa Beach, Florida who won the Dew T-Shirt (click here to order yours). Here’s what Mike wrote upon hearing the news:

Sorry it took me so long to reply. I thought it was another email from a barrister in Equatorial Guinea telling me I had won an international lottery worth $500,000,000 which I could claim as soon as I wired my mother’s maiden name, SS number, credit card account numbers and $10,000 in cash. I was digging through my files trying to find all that stuff before I realized it was really from you and I had instead won a Like the Dew T-Shirt. Boy, what a relief to not to have to worry about what to do with a half-billion in this unsettled economy.

But seriously. This is really cool. First thing I think I ever won, and I’ll be proud to wear it, even though I’ve been a laggard with the posts lately.  Thanks, Mike

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