The Senate Fiddles While We Burn

The Senate Fiddles While America Burns

You’ve heard and read the warnings. Not from nuts, but the Nobel Prize winners. Paul Krugman. Today in the New York Times, he wrote, “Somehow, Washington has lost any sense of what’s at stake — of the reality that we may well be falling into an economic abyss, and that if we do, it will be very hard to get out again. It’s hard to exaggerate how much economic trouble we’re in. The crisis began with housing, but the implosion of the Bush-era housing bubble has set economic dominoes falling not just in the United States, but around the world.”

Spinning Out of Control. We’ve had serious warnings from serious experts, and yet, the Senate fiddles. Boehner whines. Costello puppets. Blitzer nods. Reid parses. DeMint spins. McCain, well, who cares? The point is, WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING? THIS IS SERIOUS. Screw the bipartisan hope for change. Screw the pundits telling both sides for ratings and ego. We’re going off a cliff. What is it they don’t understand? There’s no bleeping election this year or votes to be won. Only millions of people suffering and the expectation of that many millions will soon. Dare a liberal question their patriotism? Damn straight. Empty Guantanamo for the Republic House and Senate members. They are much, much more dangerous. They have a bomb strapped to the American people and sabotaging us on nightly news with lies and deception. The Republicans are worse than any terrorist. No one will care for the details. Blame won’t matter. There will be plenty of credit if they act, but nothing but hatred if they don’t act now.

Write your Congresspeople. Call. Fax. Text. Twitter. Scream. Or all of this is going to change. This is real. Get it. Do something. There’s no time to wait.

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