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Cover the South Like the DewThe Dew is Back in the South.
During this past month, we migrated LikeTheDew.com from free shared web servers in Vancouver to our own high speed server in Houston. We now have a virtual distribution network that mirrors LikeTheDew.com on web servers closest to you no matter where you are in the world. It has been painful. We have had site issues and problems. We believe most are behind us. Please continue to let us know if you experience problems on the site so we can get them fixed quickly.

Your Morning Dews is Back.
For the last couple of months, we’ve had awful email newsletter issues. Anyone reading this has had days without the Dew and days with three copies of it. We have given up on the old program and trashed it. A new Dewsletter launched Sunday, which immediately went out twice (sorry). Once we master the settings, we expect this software can give us, and you, consistent performance. More flexibility for us. Easier subscribe/unsubscribe. Automatic bounce handling. We are dewing away with per post (Breaking Dews), weekly and monthly subscriptions – all have been converted to Your Morning Dews, which will be published most days.

Dew and Improved.
You may have noticed the “Show/hide more stories” button below each section of our home page – if you haven’t clicked them, they are pretty cool. Click once and five more recent stories are revealed. Click a second time and they are again hidden. This is just one example of dozens of layout changes we have made on the Dew to simplify our look and, hopefully, improve your experience. (Note: this feature has been disabled dew to unpopularity)

We redesigned our recommended “Reading” section. It is back to the top right of the home page. Now when you mouseover a story, you will see an excerpt of the story. Click it and you’ll be taken to the full content on the original site. You’ll also notice a “New” button on some stories – this indicates it was published in the past 24 hours. Recommended reading is created each day by Keith Graham, Ron Taylor and LikeTheDew.com reader who suggested stories. They scour the web to find you the some of the most provocative, best written or important stories of the day. Take a look.

We re-engineered our “DewTubes” with technology that now allows us to present videos from almost any site on the web – YouTube, Comedy Central, Vimeo, MSNBC, etc. When you click on a video, they immediate play without going to a new page. DewTubes are created by user suggestions and my bias surfing – I love to get your suggestions.

We improved and updated our News & Opinion Feeds. If you haven’t seen them lately, take a look. There are about 10,000 stories on these pages – organized by state or subject (politics, business, cause, food, writing, and more) from news and opinion sites. Just like our recommended reading, when you mouseover, you’ll see an excerpt of the story. When you click, you’ll go to the original site. It is a wonderful way to preview the news quickly and keep up with what’s going around the South. Let us know if there are sites, which you feel should be included.

We hope you like what we’ve been dewing. In the months to come, we plan more changes, including an update the Mini Dew Reviews (similar to posting on a Facebook wall, only easier and more relevant).

What You Can Dew.
Continue reading LikeTheDew and commenting. Submit a story. Click on an older story from an author who’s not posted in a while and email them or comment with a message that they have been missed. Click the “share” button (end of each story) and suggest it to your friends and associates via email, Facebook and the like. If you aren’t already, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social sites on the web.

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Thanks for bearing with us and for reading. You are why we dew what we dew.

What would Pat Robertson say?

Goldman SucksLet’s take a quick look at recent legislative initiatives and the relationship of opposition-killing news events:

  • Health care reform – dead in the house and frozen in the senate until Anthem/Blue Cross announces billions in earnings along with huge policy price increases and the tea party takes the Kennedy senate seat.
  • Wall Street reform – seemingly dead in the Senate, then record-breaking Wall Street profits, revelations of sinister-sounding, but all too routine conflicts and manipulation, then Goldman Sachs was indicted.
  • Immigration reform – no one thought this could get a breath of political air during this partisan election season, then along comes Arizona’s xenophobic immigration law.
  • Energy bill – not a hope in hell for Senate action this year and, boom, BP/Transocean’s Gulf oil platform explodes, drill-baby-drill turns to spill-baby-spill and the oil-version of Katrina makes landfall.

Acts of god? A conspiracy of the non-working liberal press? Greed and hubris metastasizing naturally? Or, is Rahm, just that good?

New on the Dew: News & Opinion Feeds

feed screen shotRecently we have added an exclusive new feature on the LikeTheDew.com site that you may not have noticed – News & Opinion Feeds. One page where you can view headlines and excerpts of almost 2,000 (and growing) of the most popular places on the internet – updated every few minutes with the latest posts. You get to it by clicking the “News & Opinion Feeds” link at the top of any page.

More than just world or US news, you can select to view the type of news you want. Want it local? Just click your state on the map. Want it more specific? Just click on the link at the top of the page for Arts or Business/Economic or Cause or Food or Green or Health or Places or Politics or Science/Tech or Sports or Writing or Every Block (a beta feature).

close up

This is a screen shot of the page showing what happens when you mouseover a headline and an excerpt appears. Click the headline and you'll go to full story.

Then, just mouseover a headline and you’ll see an excerpt of the story. Click on it and you’ll be taken to the site to read more. Want to see more feeds from that source? Just click “More Story Feeds” link at the bottom of each section.

A few words of warning – some of the feeds load a little slowly – 10-20 seconds with an average connection, but some pages may take up to a minute. Be patient, it will be worth it. Also, you are likely to see some broken feeds from time to time – many sites have their feeds go down for one reason or another and we’ll try and keep up with problems you find.

Now you might be thinking that we are stealing content – we are not. This page is generated automatically from RSS feeds provided by each site. This page acts as a gateway for the original site with complete attribution and links. These sites love that we are promoting their content (hear any complaints and we will immediately remove it and say we are sorry). We just wish they’d do the same for us.

In the coming months, we plan to offer more bells and whistles to the feeds – weather, editorial cartoons, photos, videos and more. We’d love your feedback and ideas sites (look for RSS, XML or Atom feeds – regrettably, many sites do not provide a feed) or sections to be added. Please email your suggestions and comments to: [email protected].